Professional Services

The very idea of quoting for services send shivers up the spine of most generic IT Services firms, no matter how large. The problem being that they stand to benefit from the inevitable issues of scope-creep, and ‘unforeseen contingencies’, that end up adding to your project budgets.

At LongDivision Pty Ltd, we have sufficient product specialist experience, plus project management acumen, to ensure that we cater for these possibilities in our fixed price engagements, together with the skills and experience to ensure that issues such as these do not impinge on your projects success. We have never failed to delver on time and on budget, and we guarantee that we will wear any costs associated with our failure to meet your deadlines.

We will provide up-front fixed price quotes for defined units of work described as completion of a task to your satisfaction, for example:

  • Software product installation
  • Operating System upgrade (per lpar)
  • Version to version rollout (cross lpar)
  • etc

Try us, and find out what truly cost effective project management in IBM mainframe systems is about.