Awesome Products

We are the licensed distributors in the Asia Pacific region for a number of leading IT Security, Audit and Systems Management related software tools. We would be delighted to arrange for you to try out any of our supported products at your convenience, either on our systems as a demonstration or installed on your own as a Proof of Concept. Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your IT Security, Audit and Systems Management needs here.

Authorised distributor for NewEra Software in ANZ –
We supply, support and recommend the following NewEra software utilities and tools to help safeguard your z/OS systems:
Stand Alone Environment (SAE)
Image FOCUS (ICE Core)
The Control Editor (TCE)

Authorised distributor for TapeTrack in ANZ –
The best by far enterprise tape management solution in existence:
The 5 Pillars of Tape Management

Authorised distributor for Key Resources, Inc in ANZ –
For when you really do need a secure z/OS system, and the ability to prove it, no ifs no buts…:
z/Assure Vulnerability Analysis

Sales and support of Corporate Directory, if your organization uses Microsoft Active Directory you must have Corporate Directory as one of your Active Directory Tools. It is phone directory software that automatically reads contact information from Active Directory. Using its ultra-fast simple search capability you will be able to find contact details of anyone in your organization instantaneously. A simple, fast and light-weight desktop application requiring zero infrastructure, virus scanned and certified, download a 60 day trial today:
60 day trial copy
Buy it now – Volume discounts available
Contact us here for more detail on discount pricing, customisation options and capability details.